About Us




Sugarbomb was formed and established unofficially during a trip in the United Kingdom where the founders met each other. The direction of the company was discussed along  the way. It is safe to say that Malaysian Sugarbomb  was born in United Kingdom.
Sugarbomb have over 58 employees working at Bukit Raja Headquarters, Klang under the brand management of SugarBomb Worldwide Sdn. Bhd.
One of the greatest strengths of Sugarbomb is our quality  control.  Our chemist adviser based on  University of Bristol in United Kingdom closely monitored Sugarbomb mix and production to ensure that each product achieves world-class standards and international recognition. 


A leading fragrance brand distributor, formulating fragrances with internationally approved ingredients that is scientifically tested and value for money.


•Create a globally recognized Malaysian brand in the fragrance Industry
•Attain the lowest price for perfumes so everyone can enjoy the unique scents.
•Maintain the highest quality product, embracing systems to reduce cost and have very clear distribution channel
•To be the best company to work whereby employees are treated as part of a big family.